Alpacas are a normally found grazing in the level heights of the Andes in Peru, these lovable creatures are smaller domesticated relatives of the llama and camel, as part of your holiday package we are now including a complementary, hands on alpaca experience with all our full week holiday bookings.


To provide this experience for our guests, we have teamed up with Mundesley Alpacas, a new venture situated in the heart of Mundesley. In small groups you will have the opportunity to learn about these beautiful, gentle animals as well as have the pleasure of leading them on a short walk. The Alpaca Experience is suitable for adults and children, although for safety reasons children under 5 will not be able to lead the animals but they are welcome to come along and meet them. 

Each experience will last approximateley an hour and will take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning and your place must be booked at same time as  your holiday.  


If you would like to know any more information about the Alpaca experience please contact Julie Coleman on 01263 720720 or at mundesleyalpacas@gmail.com.


Please note:

The complimentary Alpaca Experience is only offered with full week bookings and may not be possible in wet weather.

The visit takes place in an open field which has uneven ground and will not be suitable if you have any walking difficulties.

The animals are very nervous of dogs and for this reason you will not be able to bring dogs to the Alpaca Experience, please remember also that they cannot be left in your chalet unattended.